The Webalizer

1. The Webalizer doesn't show me Referrers or User Agents?

2. What systems will The Webalizer run on? 3. I get 'libgd not found' errors when compiling? 4. I get 'No File or Directory' errors when compiling? 5. What is the difference between 'HITS' and 'FILES'? 6. My logs are HUGE! Can I run The Webalizer on partial logs? 7a. Why does the country section show only 100% unresolved? 7b. My Server doesn't do name lookups. Will The Webalizer? 8. I used the [Hide*] option, but it still shows up in the totals? 9. I used the [Group*] option, but it still shows up? 10. Changing the configuration file has no effect? 11. My configuration file is being read twice! 12. I get Error adding xxx node, skipping ... errors! Why? 13. I get Warning: Truncating oversized xxx or String exceeds storage size warnings! Why? 14. Why don't the daily visit totals add up to the monthly total? 15. Why do my reports show more Sites than Visits? 16. How can I process multiple logs from a server farm? 17. How can I easily process multiple virtual hosts? 18. My stats are not updating, why!?! 19. My stats haven't been updated since...! Can you please fix this?! 20. Where can I get additional help?

Last modified April 28, 2012 by B. Barrett